January 31, 2023

While car insurance for new drivers is typically expensive, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Without an insurance history or very much driving experience, new drivers are often viewed as risky in the eyes of insurance companies. For this reason, they are among the most expensive motorists to insurance.

That can be attributed to the fact that insurance companies use a driver’s risk profile to determine car insurance rates. The riskier you appear on paper, the more you’ll pay for auto insurance. But is there a way to save on your auto insurance policy as a new driver? Read on to unearth more!

Choose a High Deductible

Depending on your location, liability coverage might be the only insurance you’re legally required to carry. But some lenders may require physical damage insurance like comprehensive coverage or collision coverage, which can increase premiums drastically. In this case, deductibles work inversely with payments.

The lower your deductible, the more expensive the insurance premiums. If looking for cheaper car insurance rates as a new driver, it is best to consider increasing deductible amounts to save money on your coverage.

Shop Around

One of the best ways to get affordable car insurance coverage is to compare rates from a number of company. And this is because every insurance agency underwrites policies based on slightly different rating factors. That sometimes leads to significant differences in premiums. Make it the norm to seek out auto insurance quotes from different companies to see which is offering the best rate.

Buy a Moderately Priced Car

The value and other traits of a driver’s car contribute to insurance. For example, buying a luxury vehicle like a Mercedes Benz comes with an additional cost: higher insurance premiums. This is mostly the case for new drivers. A new river with a brand-new car is a major red flag for an insurance company.

Similarly, a car with a number of safety features can also lead to numerous savings. But if these safety features entail high-tech sensors or other specialized equipment, then they could lead to a higher insurance cost.

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